Level 1 - Single Bike Fit

90min Bike Fit Session offered at $295.
Durata's method of measuring individual body composition in addition to Retül's three-dimensional motion capture technology allows us to put you in the most comfortable position possible while increasing your sustainable power output. Our fit technique places cleats, saddle, and handlebars in a position where a rider's time to fatigue is increased by taking precise measurements of the rider to determine how much reach, drop, and extension is necessary. 
The Retül fit system uses sensors attached to your hip, shoulder, knee, wrist, and foot to create a three dimensional image of the your current bike position. Using the data provided by the Retül system, we can address common position problems, such as hip tilt and knee wobble, down to a single millimeter or degree of movement. Because the Retül system provides instant feedback, we can quickly determine how you adapt to each position adjustment.
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Price $295.00