Catalyst Multisport

Our Catalyst coaching level is designed for the competitive or busy athlete seeking regular training adjustments and advice based on their annual racing goals, power file monitoring, travel schedule, and professional coaching assessments. You will receive Durata Training's customized workouts through your Training Peaks account, which will be adjusted bi-weekly based on your physical adaptation, scheduling conflicts and regular communication with your coach.

Catalyst multisport coaching is $235 billed every 4 weeks. A one time start up fee of $99 is applied to your sign up.

• account
• Training plan designed every two weeks
• Monthly emails and coach communication
• Power file monitoring (monitoring and tracking of all files in TrainingPeaks   software)
• Additional coaching available at an hourly rate

You will be asked to review and accept Durata Traininng's Terms & Conditions before registering.

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Price $334.00